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All The Way Open!


The two pictures above are of the newly installed and certified elevator opening. This means the first and second floor of the BoodaLu can be open for business. Our plan now is to open the upstairs for private functions and, when not being used for a private function, for it to be used as a cocktail lounge on Friday and Saturday nights. The picture below is a “pano” view of the upstair looking to the north. It shows the black granite elevator shaft with the waterfall on it.



People have been asking me if this project has been worth it.  My response is been “I sure hope so”.  My “vision” for the BoodaLu was to create a casual, upscale restaurant that was like ones you would find in downtown areas of larger cities such as St. Louis or Kansas City or Chicago.  The restaurant focus is to provide Delicious Food and Great Service all within a beautiful historic building overlooking the Mississippi River.  We buy the highest grade of food we can and we have sufficient kitchen staff so we can cook it right and in a timely manner. We also have sufficient number of trained servers so we can provide excellent service. I am hopeful this “business model” will result in a sufficient number of customers to make it work financially.  My wife and I don’t expect to earn a big return (or any return) on our building and equipment investment.  We do want to make enough money to pay for monthly operating costs.

So far the customer response has been fine.  We seem to be getting a good reputation for Delicious Food and Excellent Service and having a beautiful building. I am very hopeful the upstairs will add to the enjoyment of the dining experience for our patrons.