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Update for Upstairs

Below are several pictures of what is happening upstairs.  The first two are shots looking north.  The bar (on the right) is being built by Mike Moore from Hannibal (John Michael Interiors).  It will be made from reclaimed lumber and will also have a back bar.  The picture on the left shows the elevator shaft which will be clad in black granite tile and have a waterfall on it.  We need to get our tile contractor going if this is going to happen in time.




This picture, on the left, is taken from the SW corner of the building looking east.   The right picture is taken looking south from the elevator.  As shown we have lots of space on the second floor.  I am still trying to figure out how to use the space for private parties and for a “public” cocktail lounge.  My concern is getting the word out in time to people that want to come to the “public” lounge know it will be closed for a private party.  I will think of something, I hope….