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Upstairs Update is Upbeat

Even though the picture below is the current view from my desk it is starting to come together upstairs.  All the boxes contain the cocktail lounge furniture we will use and I now have a crew back working on bathrooms; painting, etc., etc.  I spoke to elevator guy today and he says we are “good to go” to be open by the end of September.  This is a bit later than I wanted but it will work.

Downstairs is now a running business and we are progressing in our mission to provide our patrons a satisfying dining experience by having excellent service along with delicious food and drink, all within a beautiful building.

One aspect of having this restaurant I didn’t really think about is seeing people from my past.  As you may remember I grew up about 40 miles west of Quincy and several people from that area have come to dinner.  It’s like a trip down memory lane when they come in and know me.  Last night we had guests that I hadn’t really talked to in 40 years.

So far the experience has been fun and I plan on keeping it that way.

More later…..