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Web Site / Ads / Another Brick In the Wall

If you are reading this then you know our website is up and running. It is designed to be simple and let people quickly access the information they want about our restaurant.  Check it out at boodalu.com

We ran our first ad in the Herald Whig yesterday.  I decided to do this as we discovered the new phone book has the incorrect phone number for us.  Also, some people are having trouble spelling the name so I added a guide to pronunciation.



Finally, we are going ahead with cleaning up the east wall.  We will remove the paint and replace damaged bricks and then tuck point and seal the wall.  Not a small expense but necessary if we are going to make this building safe and secure for a long time.  New roof, new basement supports and three new HVAC’s are the major structural repairs we did to this beautiful old building.  eastwallproject

The upstairs project is going strong.  The women’s bathroom is essentially done and the men’s soon to follow.  We get the granite tile delivered for the elevator shaft tomorrow and should start on that soon.